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Although possible areas for in-depth discussions had been pre-selected,the actual subjects were not decided until after the kid visits and the presentations. Villages differed in ethnic group, length of animal traction experience, crop mixes, individual or Animal Power in Farming Systems The Sierra Leone Work Oxen Project and field visits The host project was given an opportunity to present its work and expbriences,and the Project Coordiiator, Bai Kanu, did so in conjunction with a video lilm produced by the organization CEDUST Centre de Documentation Universitaire Scientillque et Technique in neighbouring Guinea, The details of the field visits and their specific objectiveswere then given: It was stressedthat the visits were designed to allow the pa,rticipants to talk with farmers, and were primarily intended to be stimuli for broadly-based discussions. In addition to publications, both standard and special tabulations are offered. To obtain a copy of these service standards, please contact your nearest tatistics Canada Regional Reference Centre. Picktorrent: call of duty modern warfare 3 crackfix - Free Search and Download Torrents at search engine.

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They should not be seen simply as Networkshop programme and methodology. Group discussion leaders and rapporteurs were selected from within each group. Foliowing an overnight stay in Maker.


T: raonstrationshad provided a context arsd S i ilnical stimulus for the discussions, bi wirh small numbers of people in each grf -j, it was easy for the questions and answer i: progressfrom the various operations being evaluated by the farmers to more fundamental issues.

The discussions were fcllowed by typical village hospitality in the form of generousmeals.

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The various groups re-assembled at Rolako, the technical headquarters of the Work Oxen Project, where they viewed the workshop where plows and other implements were fabricated. Their construction had been specially brought forward in time for the networkshop, to balance the dominant field visit themes of in trodrrctiqn and intensification of animal power with the potential for the diversification of animal power through innovative designs.


Back in Freetown, the groups continued their village discussions and then summarized the Animal Power in Farming Systems Znfonnaj discussions aking coffeebreab were an important aspct of the Workshop main observations and lessons from each village visit in a plenary session.

Groups noted both successes failures positive or negaand tive lessons and attempted to not only identify the major constraints,but also to cite possible solutions. It was generally felt that the depth of discussions and recommendations was profound. Each group identified specific technical points covering equipment, animal husbandry, crop husbandry, social interactions, economics and research methodology but went on to look at the wider implications of animal traction in the farming systems.

In different ways, eachgroup concluded that a holistic vision of agricultural development was required, and that a single technology approach even if multidisciplinary was as problematic as trying to understand the intricacies of a farming systemusing only the perspectivesof a singledisciplbw.

The very positive nature of the many observations and the r;riticisms were such that it was observedthat it was like a development workers dream, with 70 consultants from numerous different countries and organizations working constructively together on a single instructive case study and evaluation. This feeling appears to have been reflected in the participants evaluation of the Networkshop, for most rated the field visit and the ensuing discussionsas one of the most useful of the weeks activities.

Prior to the workshop all participants had been asked to prepare 2 brief paper based on their own experience, outlining key farm-level problems and where practical proven solutions in any one 01 these sub-themes. It was understood that only selected papers would ,be presented during the networkshop and that other papers would be circulated only in their written form to stimulate exchangesand discussion.

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It was also made clear that any plenary presentationswould be brief, and would either be in the form of Eapsule reports relating to the countries or would be designed to stimulate discussion immediately orior to dividing into small thematic discussion groups. It had been requestedthat papers or abstractsbe submitted in advance, and about one half of the participants had done so. About one third of the participants brought their papers with them.

Only a few participants had not been able to prepare anything, and this was mainly due to last minute decisions to attend, or the fact that they had considered themselvesto be observers.

The limited time available half an hour per presentation necessitated concise deliveries and only a short period for discussion. In some ways this was frustrating, but it allowed much ground to be covered, and it had been an aim of the workshop to have as much time in small discussion groups as was feasible.

Among the points raised during the sessionwere the serious constraints caused by animal nutrition in the semi-arid zone and diseasesin the more humid zones. The importance of economic profitability was stressed,together with the observation that farmers and consumersin most countries often override economic sensewith personal preferences for status and convenience.

A thought-provoking vision was provided of a technological shelf lad. Discussion was particularly stimulated by the clear contrast between a description of an IIXA research programme based on low-cost modifications to the traditional wooden rrwreshu plow, and that of an ICRISAT programme developing more productive, but mare e:ipensive,cropping systems based on animal-drawn wheeled toolcarriers.


Interest in the topics was high, and discussionduring coffee breaks and at lunch time was very auinlatad. Although possible areas for in-depth discussions had been pre-selected,the actual subjects were not decided until after the kid visits and the presentations. As a result six areasof interest and concern clearly emerged as requiring detailed discussion.

Participants were allowed to choose their own groups, from which were selected chairmen and rapporteurs, To facilitate in-depth discussion, the groups then selected their language for discussion,with two English languagegroups, two French language groups, one bilingual and one with simultaneous translation.

One or two participants then moved from the group of their first subject preference to one that allowed them to use their preferred language.


The selection and development of animaldrawn equipment. Animal managementand health, Research and evaluation methodologies for animal traction programmes.

Social and economic aspects of animal traction use. Farmer needs for extensionand training. Razor CoD4 cd key generator Hey. Cod4 keygen razor free download.

Animal Power in Farming System

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