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There's only one pitch I've ever heard of that I wish I would have done. It's not like these people know what I'm talking about half the time anyway. Pourquoi ne pas configurer votre téléphone de sorte que chacune des chansons préférées de vos amis se lancent quand ils vous appellent? I used to have this attitude towards dating and frankly it did not serve me well. Of course I have no idea what "story lens" means and there's a pretty good chance I used the term incorrectly.

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But whatever. It's not like these people know what I'm talking about half the time anyway. In fact, if I make the classic mistake of asking for that second Diet Coke, there's a good chance I'll do at least one five minute caffeinated riff about whatever's within my reach on the coffee table.


The truth is, I pitch like a drunk sailor. I've had meetings that resulted in me getting hired for jobs, but I'm pretty sure that a I already had the job going into the meeting and could only have lost it or b my competition had been arrested for child endangerment earlier in the day.

The truth is, I've never been a fan of the hard sell. My feeling is, you know what I do.

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If you want me, hire me. If you don't, don't. I've got stuff on the Tivo. I used to have this attitude towards dating and frankly it did not serve me well.


I just didn't know if you were going to ask me. And he brought flowers. I've never talked to senior year girlfriend again but in a strange meta-note, the father of my gulley-friend occasionally comments on this very blog.


Thanks for your support Dan! Now you'd think after events like this I would have learned a bit about what people want and how to give it to them before they leave you high and dry holding a plastic pitcher of 3. But the reality is, not only can I not close the deal when I've been spotted a touchdown and the ball, but my aversion to competition of ANY SORT makes me about the worst salesman of all time.


This was me in college. Wanna come? ME: Hmm I'm just gonna But, you know, when you come back I'll leave the door unlocked. ME: S'alright. I'll be up.

I'm probably gonna hook up with Rocky Raccoon guy. ME: Well, you know That's me. And even though Hollywood will fuck you when no one else will there's no guarantee you're getting laid without doing a little legwork. It's just whose definition of legwork and how much of it's leg and how much of it's WORK.

Unfortunately I still model meetings after dates. But if you're looking for dogs and ponies you've definitely got the wrong monkey. The thought of selling a project by helping the executive "see the movie" makes me feel flushed and queasy--sort of like seducing a woman by helping her "see the sex. It's gonna be Not in a funny way. One of the leaders of the anti-withdraw charge is sure to be Bill Kristol, who, as I noted last week, clearly expects U.

Here is Kristol, along with Robert Kagan, in their Weekly Standard article last week revealingly entitled "Abandoning Iraq": Victory is in fact possible, though it will require a longer war than anyone would like, but not so long a war as to be intolerable.

Singabloodypore: Singapore Rebel

What would be intolerable would be to lose to the terrorists in Iraq. I think it's safe to say that Bill Kristol isn't on board with this oh-so-clever November, withdraw idea. A preview of the war from the Right which is sure to waged if premature withdraw from Iraq is attempted, is found in this well-reasoned and anticipatorily angry objection from the intellectually honest, pro-war conservative blogger John Cole: While drawing down 40k of k troops over the next year is certainly not cutting and running, I think it is pretty clear this decision is being based on domestic political considerations rather than facts on the ground.