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This idiosyncrasy not only defines our iden ty engendered over the centuries; it also shapes our space for coexistence. Meetings in Conjunction MIC This format allows ins tu ons, associa ons or individuals to meet to discuss certain issues or topics or to celebrate conven ons. Le march de vhicules usags en Algrie manque jusque-l dun cadre juridique spcifique, chappant ainsi tout contrle. In her honor, Agent Leyla Harrison made her appearance in season eight's "Alone". The dura on of a roundtable is 2 hours maximum. Over panels will take place during WOCMES Seville , tackling topics from the refugee crisis and the impact of the social upheavals in the Middle East to the current media landscape; the advancement of women demands and civil society groups or the most recent archaeological discoveries in this geographical area.

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The Regional Government of Andalusia has taken up that challenge, working with a perspec ve of mutual understanding and closer contact between cultures that goes beyond physical fron ers.

The Three Cultures Founda on is a good example of that: of cultural diversity understood as an expression of dialogue and coexistence between the shores of the Mediterranean. As president, I celebrate from this unique forum the holding of this interna onal event and its Andalusian tone.

Indeed, Al-Andalus has been included as a thema c area, thereby highligh ng the importance of that historical period and manifes ng, beyond local interest, its worldwide significance. This mel ng pot of cultures that have coexisted in the Iberian Peninsula is a legacy s ll present today in our land.


Culture is doubtless the best way to bring peoples together. The modern world is perceived nowadays from the standpoint of globalisa on, in the awareness that prosperity lies in that understanding, also for the Middle East and the Mediterranean. That is why we must be able to approach the future by genera ng alliances for egalitarian progress and in peace. As Maimonedes wrote, the Mediterranean is a vast road open to all direc ons.

Votre héritage. La connaissance qui unit. Ce e idiosyncrasie ne définit pas seulement notre iden té construite au cours des siècles, mais forme aussi notre espace de coexistence. La Fonda on Trois Cultures est un bon exemple de la diversité culturelle entendue comme expression du dialogue et de la coexistence entre les deux rives de la Méditerranée. La culture est, sans aucun doute, le meilleur moyen de rapprocher les peuples. When we decided more than two years ago to make our bid to host and organise this fi h WOCMES, we were very aware of the major organisa onal challenge our ins tu on would face.

But we had no doubts about going ahead, because a Congress of such characteris cs coincides with one of the main objec ves stemming from our mission, which is none other than promo ng understanding, peace and coexistence among the various peoples and cultures of our Mare Nostrum. We wish for progress, jus ce and opportuni es in the Mediterranean and MENA region, which today, unfortunately, is all too o en in the news for nega ve events of various kinds.

When confronted by fana cism or fundamentalism, we want reason to prevail, calm reflec on and the principles we share as human beings, bearers of universal values and subject to inalienable rights.

And that this Congress, through the academic excellence of its par cipants, will become a privileged space for analysing and discussing the very diverse topics under considera on, and consequently help further knowledge about the problems as well as the opportuni es and solu ons for a complex region that nevertheless has huge poten al, which must be emphasised.

Among them, allow me to highlight our host, the University of Seville, an ins tu on that counts more than five centuries of history and whose university community of 80, people ranks it second in Spain and first in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. As organisers, we have also prepared an extensive and hopefully sa sfactory cultural programme which includes films, music, theatre, ballet, exhibi ons, performances and cultural visits, etc.

For all those a ending the Congress, I hope your work during these days is frui ul and enriching. And, of course, I also wish you a happy stay in this beau ful, ancient and con nually reinvented city of Seville. We on the Organising Commi ee welcome you in the expecta on that together we can make a great and unforge able Congress. Enjoy the Congress! Je souhaite à tous les membres du Congrès que leur travail pendant ces journées soit fructueux et enrichissant.

Et, bien sûr, un bon séjour dans ce e belle ville de Séville, ancienne et toujours réinventée. Je vous souhaite un excellent Congrès! Every four years. Every four years, this World Congress is the outstanding mee ng place where scholars, researchers, students and professionals from around the world can make contacts and exchange ideas.

It will be a pla orm where dis nguished speakers can share assessments of developments in their respec ve disciplines and honour the colleague presented with the WOCMES Award for outstanding contribu ons to the field. There are many opinion leaders among the par cipants of the World Congress who shape the way in which the Middle East and North Africa is presented and perceived in economic, poli cal and academic fora. During the present crises in many parts of this region, they are the specialists who advise governments on policy, who provide context to global television audiences and who share their outlooks in ar cles published in influen al newspapers and journals.

At all mes, they interpret the history and culture of this region, sharing their insights and opinions with the reading public and with their students — the ci zens, scholars and decision-makers of the future. The World Congress will be a showcase for Middle Eastern and North African learning and culture, featuring the presenta on of more than studies in addi on to a book fair, poster exhibi on, film fes val and an exci ng cultural program. Many thanks also to the other ins tu ons and organisa ons which supported WOCMES; and thanks to all the scholars from numerous academic disciplines in Spain and dozens of other countries who arranged panels, workshops and other academic events and who guaranteed the high quality standard of the contribu ons for the World Congress by reviewing and approving the abstracts of all academic proposals.

I wish all par cipants a successful conference with many s mula ng and frui ul discussions, numerous new and interdisciplinary contacts, as well as many new impressions thanks to the social and cultural ac vi es associated with the World Congress. And - of course - enjoy Seville! Tous les quatre ans Tous les quatre ans, ce Congrès mondial est un lieu de rencontre excep onnel où les experts, les chercheurs, les étudiants et les professionnels du monde en er peuvent nouer des contacts et échanger des idées.

Ce sera une plate-forme où des orateurs pres gieux pourront partager les analyses des évolu ons dans leurs disciplines respec ves et honorer le collègue qui a remporté le Prix WOCMES pour ses contribu ons remarquables dans le domaine. Et- bien sûr- profitez de Séville! Because we find ourselves in a world at a me during which, paradoxically and on the one hand, we have the promise of unprecedented technological change and, on the other, the s gma and tragedies of a profound moral and philosophical regression, this WOCMES cannot be nor shall it be the one of usual Mediterranean business.

In Seville, also because it bears the seal of the Three Cultures Founda on, this global gathering of science, experience and research can be the one marked by a posi ve break in the establishment of ins tu ons and rules of the game for a recons tuted Mediterranean in a peaceful and egalitarian space. A space that tomorrow will turn its back on all the archaisms that undermine and debilitate the art of living together within the Community of Na ons.

We have collec vely been hostages or passive spectators of this collec ve short-sightedness which reached its climax when the interna onal community was unable to resist the mirages and illusions of a supposed clash of civilisa ons and religions.

A clash that has become the beginning and the end of all our woes. In my opinion, that me corresponds to a bygone period, and our gathering in Seville should finally bring out the objec ve and exhaus ve responses to all those ques ons which have been lodged for too long in the prevailing ra onale of the drama of the moment, of accepted ideas and s gma sa on.

I am specifically thinking of the parameters which determine in both north and south the objec ve grounds of the rela onship between Islam and the West.


I also think of the place that culture and religion occupy in our socie es when our respec ve capaci es of cordiality, listening and otherness, forged by knowledge and respect for all our histories summed up in the wealth of all their diversi es, have been summoned to the table of reflec on and dialogue. André Azoulay Senior Adviser to H.

Je pense notamment aux paramètres qui déterminent au Nord comme au Sud les fondements objec fs de la rela on Islam-Occident. With the pillars established on both sides of the Straits thanks to Andalusian and Moroccan determina on, the idea of this founda on began to take form and at the same me started obtaining important interna onal support from the Peres Centre for Peace, the Pales ne Na onal Authority and other personali es and ins tu ons.

Firstly, coopera on in the Mediterranean, with par cular a en on to the increasing collabora on between Andalusia and Morocco as the base axis. The second priority area has been the Middle East, reinforcing the role of this ins tu on as an instrument of dialogue able to encompass the concerns of society regarding the present and future situa ons of this area.

Co-President of the Founda on. Vice President of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía. André Azoulay.

Counselor of HM the King of Morocco. Fernando López Gil.

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First Vice-President of the Founda on. Deputy Minister of the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía. Aziza Bennani. Second Vice-President of the Founda on. Juan Espadas Cejas. Mayor of Seville. Head of the Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía.


Abdelkrim Bena k. José Sanchez Maldonado. Dean of the Interna onal University of Andalucía. Mohamed Laâraj. Minister of Culture and Communica ons of the Kingdom of Morocco. Saaid Amzazi. Minister of Na onal Educa on of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Dolores Ferré Cano.


Ricardo Díez-Hochleitner Rodríguez. Ambassador of Spain in Morocco. Ahmed Akhchichine. President of the Marrakech-Safi Regional Council. Elena Ruíz Angel. Director of the Andalusian Ins tute for Women.

Mounir El Bouyoussfi. Luis Vargas Mar nez.

M Barki Mohamed. Ignacio Caraballo Romero. Rachid Benmokhtar Benabdallah. Former Minister of the Kingdom of Morocco. Treasurer of the Founda on. The Peres Center for Peace. Driss El Yazami. Antonio Pascual Acosta. President of the Endesa Founda on. Asma Lamrabet. Mercedes de Pablos Candón.

Director of the Andalusian Studies Center. Houdaifa Ameziane. Dean of the Abdelmalek Essaadi University of Tetuan. Antonio Pulido Rodríguez. President of the Cajasol Founda on. Mina El Mghari. Historian and Architect. Tarik O mani. Execu ve Chairman of the Essaouira-Mogador Associa on. Prendre en charge des formes de violence insidieuses et rcurrentes commises sinspirant des normes internationales et tenant compte des ralits sociales et culturelles, ACTIVIT DES PARTIS Sadani appelle moraliser laction politique le secrtaire gnral du front de libration national Fln, a estim, hier, que la vie politique en algrie est dnue de toute valeur morale, appelant cet effet, la classe politique respecter les rgles de transparence et dobjectivitdans leurs actions.

Concernant le printemps arabe , amar sadani, a estim qu il sagit un complot contre le monde arabe pour le diviser en semant les tensions et les conflits dans ces pays. Salima Ettouahria Le mouvement tient son conseil consultatif le conseil consultatif du parti Elislah s'est runi, hier alger, pour dbattre de questions organiques intressant la formation politique et les dveloppements de la scne politique nationale.

Houria Akram M. Belad met en exergue les vertus du dialogue le prsident du Front El Moustakbal, abdelaziz belad, a mis en exergue, hier arzew oran , les vertus du dialogue et de lthique politique. Elle a un rle essentiel jouer, sauf quil faut quelle soit constructive pour faire avancer les choses et non pas se satisfaire de dnigrement. Ce nest pas son rle.

Gnawa Diffusion

Propos recueillis par S. Nation M. Le ministre trouve rellement regrettable que la facture dimportation actuelle dpasse les 5 milliards de dollars. LAlgrie a ralis plusieurs acquis, grce aux rformes politiques et socio-conomiques engages par le Prsident Abdelaziz Bouteflika, do la ncessit de valoriser ces acquis et de les prserver, notamment en termes de paix et de stabilit, a soulign M.

Ghoul dans son allocution, louverture de la confrence conomique et sociale de son parti. Ghoul, prcisant que la ralisation de la paix et de la stabilit a t rendue possible, grce aux grands sacrifices consentis, la charte de paix et de rconciliation nationale et la culture de paix et de s- curit consacre par le Prsident Bouteflika. Qualifiant la paix et la stabilit de lAlgrie de ligne rouge que nul ne saurait dpasser ou transgresser, M. Ghoul a soulign que la paix et la stabilit constituent, sans conteste, les plus prcieux acquis du pays.

Ghoul a rappel que la prservation de lacquis de la paix et de la stabilit requiert une culture civilisationnelle, ainsi quun dialogue et une concertation sur toutes les questions. Le prsident du parti TAJ a insist sur limpratif de conjuguer les efforts pour pallier les insuffisances, adopter le dialogue constructif entre experts et instances officielles et non officielles pour mettre en uvre le programme du Prsident de la Rpublique et le plan daction du gouverne- Le premier secrtaire du Front des Forces socialistes FFs , Mohamed Nebbou, a estim, hier Tamanrasset, quil est de la responsabilit des politiciens de donner un nouveau souffle au consensus national pour prvenir les phnomnes de violence.

Nebbou, lors dune rencontre avec les militants et sympathisants de son parti et de reprsentants du mouvement associatif. L premier secrtaire du FFs a indiqu que cette ren- contre porte sur lexplication de linitiative du consensus national, adopte et enclenche au lendemain du 5e congrs du parti, ajoutant que la reconstruction du consensus national ncessite la conjugaison des efforts de tous les acteurs politiques, pouvoir, opposition et socit civile.


Linitiative du consensus se poursuivra et les dbats et consultations avec les formations politiques, personnalits et la socit civile en gnral continueront galement, afin daboutir une entente mme de dterminer les priorits, consacrer ltat de droit et le principe de sparation des pouvoirs, en plus de consacrer la justice sociale, la libert dexpression et les autres liberts, a-t-il soulign. Mettant laccent sur la protection des consommateurs, le ministre a rassur les citoyens que les concessionnaires respectent les rgles imposes par le gouvernement.

Les ministres du commerce, des Finances et de lindustrie, en concertation avec les Associations des concessionnaires, et des consommateurs, sattelleront rationaliser davantage les importations des vhicules, ajoute le ministre.